Appleton Young Pre-School Program


The best Young Pre-School Program in Appleton, Wi

The Young Preschool program continues to capitalize on the children’s natural curiosity of and desire to learn. The curriculum provides for discovery centers: including dramatic play, library, creative arts, construction, math & manipulatives (toys & games), sensory & science

Children move among these centers, and other teacher directed activities that are available, throughout the day. Children are encouraged to make choices about how to use the materials and equipment and how long they want to spend exploring new and exciting challenges while learning at their own pace. There are several short group times daily where they sing, do finger plays, count and are read to. Reading stories is an important part of the day. This age loves to hear their favorite stories read to them again and again and even “read” along by reciting the story with the teachers.

Lunchtime is a learning experience for the children as they dine family style. Two outside times per day are planned, weather permitting. If we have inclement weather the children use the gym for their large motor activities.