What’s Happening: Pre-Kindergarden

Week of October 13th  “Pumpkins”

Monday: We will put together pumpkin puzzles.  We will read the story “Apple Pie ABC”.

Tuesday: Today we will be drawing self portraits.  We will dance and make movements to the song “Work Your Body”.

Wednesday: We will discuss the different things that we can do with pumpkins.  We will pretend to make pumpkin pie in the dramatic play area.

Thursday: We will be dissecting a pumpkin today in our science area.  We will predict what we think is inside the pumpkins.  We will read the story “Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins”

Friday:    Today we will have show and share!  We are discussing letter “F”.  Please bring in something that starts with “F”.  We will read the story “Alphabet Trucks”.