Parent Testimonials

I would like to thank you all for everything you do. I feel that Khailee, Khirara and Karley are doing great at your center. They love to go to school (pre-school and pre-k) and beg to go on the weekends. Khailee and Khiara have come so far since starting October. Thank you for taking the time to get to know my family. You really know how to make a family feel welcome!

Thank you,
Kristy, Khailee, Khiara and Karley Pack

Written: Alissa
Parent of 3
@ Young Child Development: Since 2004
When I first started looking at day cares options I realized 2 things. First: financially I could not afford infant care for my twins on a full time basis, so I needed a good part-time arrangement. Second, I wanted the security of certification, and a good backup. In other words, I did not want my kids at a family run child care because although generally cheaper, it wasn’t certified and if the provider became sick, I’d need to look for last minute alternative care.
My first experiences visiting other facilities were not encouraging; than I came upon Young Child Development.

I noticed some things right away.

1) The infant room was a shock – I had trouble watching/changing/playing with my 2 twins all day, and these 2 women were confident with 8. Six babies were sleeping when I visited, and 2 were eating. I loved the fact that with my kids having special eating needs that the teachers would only start solids when I was ready, would only feed them foods I had ok’d, would try and follow my desires on everything – from how much floor time they had, whether to have a nuk or not, when they could have their nuk, what formula they needed, and even trying to keep them on the same schedule).

2) The other rooms were calm. ( Hint: Don’t visit during drop off or pick up times – the confusion you’ll see is a bit overwhelming at first). There is almost NO YELLING at all EVER – which still amazes me. Overall the kids were happy and helpful. And, the teachers were happy and even excited.

Day care (particularly – Young Child Development) has been one of the best decisions I ever made for my kids. They learn new things, they play with other kids, they learn respect and manners, and it has taught me a lot. As a new parent I was SOOO skeptical about schedules, I underestimated my kids abilities ( My son can write his name – after only a month in the preschool room – I wasn’t even having him try), and I learned how to let them grow up and make decisions on their own.

Over the years my children have attended five different day care and preschool facilities before finding YCDC. My children have come to wake up on weekends with dissapointment that it is a “stay home day.” Over the past three years my children have attended YCDC they have made lasting friendships, had an exceptional amount of fun, and have acquired an education that by far exceeds my expectations. Young Child Develpment Center is a class act!